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The Banner Feature Competition

Want to feature on our banner?

Three of you will.

How can you be a part of this?

This is a video/written competition with three ways to participate. For those of you who don’t have access to the video section of StoryFire you will be able to enter via the vote section or written. To those of you who do have access to video you will be able to apply by video and the vote.

What is involved

• We want to see the best 3 minute or less video content you guys can produce. Try to be creative . Maybe you are a budding commentator, a horror movie maker or an animator. Create a unique piece of video content and upload it to your video stream, the vote section or both and let the public decide.
• In the video section the two most liked videos will win 1 of the 3 banner sections.
• The most upvoted video in the Vote section will also win 1 of the 3 banner sections. If the most voted video is from someone who does not yet have video access we will also open that up for them.
• The final spot will go to the most swiped under 30 written section

So the rules are.

• Create a unique piece of video content 3 minutes or less.
• Upload it to video or vote or both.
• If you have access to both you are permitted to upload separate videos.
• The top two most liked videos will be selected and the most upvoted will be selected.
• If one creator wins both then the 2nd place vote section winner will be considered the winner.
• You may submit as many videos as you like but you can only win once.
• We have no rules on how you promote, so feel free to use other social media platforms to encourage people to help you win.
• Have loads of fun with this, be creative, this competition ends on the 17th of May so take your time, use storyboards, write a script. Remember It is great to win but it is even greater to be a part of a community and be happy for each other, so support your fellow creators