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Survivors of WoodRock


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In the quiet town of WoodRock, Tennessee, the end of the world begins not with a bang, but with whispers and shadows. When 19-year-old Zach awakens to find his town silent and abandoned, he is thrust into a nightmare that he cannot escape—or understand. As a mysterious virus sweeps across the globe, turning the infected into mindless zombies, Zach discovers that he is inexplicably immune. But with this gift comes heavy burdens.Navigating through the ruins of his hometown, Zach, together with his childhood friend Milo, must rally a band of survivors including his former teacher Ella, and Nora, a tough-as-nails medic. Together, they face not only the relentless horde of the undead but also the crumbling threads of society. As they fight to protect WoodRock’s last stand, Zach is haunted by more than the fallen; he is burdened by secrecy, the complexities of his past relationships, and the dawning realization that his very existence may hold the key to mankind's survival.But as alliances form and tensions rise, the survivors must answer a critical question: can humanity prevail when it's their own they’re fighting against? And can Zach maintain his humanity when every day is a fight for survival?"Survivors of WoodRock" is a gripping tale of resilience, hope, and the indomitable human spirit in the face of the ultimate terror. Join Zach and his companions as they delve into the darkness of the new world, seeking light in the depths of despair.