We tell stories, together

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StoryFire is a group storytelling platform. The founders are Brian Spitz and Jesse Ridgway.

Jesse is a top YouTube Creator with over 1 billion views. Brian is a writer and director who has worked with studios like Fox, Sony and Disney.

Brian and Jesse met during the filming of Psycho Family, the 2017 Streamy Award Winner for best documentary, produced by Studio71 about Jesse's hit YouTube show, The Psycho Series.

While directing Psycho Family, Brian noticed the intimate connection Jesse had developed with his audience. The "Juggies" were super involved with Jesse's daily series, commenting with awesome ideas for new characters and unique storylines they wanted to see come to life in future episodes.

Jesse and Brian started thinking, "We all play video games together. We all use social media together. We all watch YouTube videos together. Why not create stories together?"  The fire started...